What if I don't feel comfortable paying a stranger?

Rent can be expensive, what should I do if I do not feel comfortable paying a stranger?


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If you are not comfortable with paying a stranger money, don't worry! 4stay has you covered. When you enter your card information for payments to your 4stay account, the money is not transferred to your host. 4stay deducts the funds needed to complete your rent to transfer 10% to the host on the first day of your move-in. 

Once you are moved in and are satisfied with your stay, the remaining 90% is transferred on the THIRD day of your move-in. This means that if you are not satisfied with your stay within the first 2 days and you have provided proof with logical and clear reasoning of why you would want to move out, then 4stay will not transfer the remaining funds to the host but instead will help you find another place. 

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