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How will I be notified of activity on my 4stay account?

Whether you are a host receiving an inquiry along with a message to book your stay or you are a guest receiving a response in regards to a listing you inquired about, not only would you receive a notification directly in your 4stay account but you will also receive an email from someone over at our customer service department. We will personally email you or give you a call letting you know that there is a guest inquiring about your listing. This ensures us that you are making the most out of 4stay and you don't miss any bookings, or any extra cash flow! 

What do I do after a guest inquires to book my stay?

You have 72 hours to ACCEPT or DECLINE a stay. There are a couple different ways you can respond to an inquiry on 4stay. Including:

  • The ability to accept or decline the inquiry.
  • The ability to accept or decline the inquiry while sending a message to the guest in regards to their inquiry. If you like, in the message you can explain why you declined the inquiry. You can mention things like property availability dates, or answer questions. Keep in mind that responding to a message is not a response to a request.

When you decline an offer because you are unavailable to list your stay at the time, due to someone already being booked to stay at your property then you may want to double check your calendar on the page where you published your stay. By doing this, you change the dates of availability and you will not get any more inquiries until after your stay is not booked anymore. 

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